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Drupal’s OnSugar Embraces Change and Adds Social Widgets

Drupal’s OnSugar Embraces Change and Adds Social Widgets

It looks like lovers of Drupal will have yet another reason to avoid switching to Blogger or WordPress.

OnSugar (which is owned by the Sugar, Inc. network) has finally embraced both Twitter and the Facebook like button, the latter which was integrated by both Typepad and WordPress two months ago in April.

If you’ve been following our Twitter or Facebook accounts, you’ll know that we’ve been working on an easy way to add sharing widgets to your site.

After a few weeks of rigorous testing, you’ll be thrilled to hear that they’re now available! If you’re using a featured OnSugar theme, the sharing widgets will be automatically turned on. (Official OnSugar Blog)

Although relatively unknown outside of the world of geeks and fashion addicts, OnSugar maintains a surprisingly robust platform that’s as open as Blogger yet is as powerful as WordPress.

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Currently OnSugar is using a highly customized version of Drupal 4.7 instead of the latest version, although the interface is thus far unparalleled as far as Drupal sites go.

While the Drupal based platform has a while to go before it can challenge the major blogging platforms, it’s good to see them finally including social sharing, which could help make the blogging service more relevant.

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  • I love OnSugar, but WordPress it is not. Well, it does have one thing I love so much more: spreads/layouts. They allow me to make beautiful magazine-like pages.

    But anyway, I’m here because I have a problem. If it’s as powerful as WordPress, then I’m just having trouble with the code.

    I can’t get the OnSugar commenting system to turn off or just even get rid of the code so it won’t show up. (Ugh, what if someone wants no comments?) What I want is Disqus…

    Any help? Much obliged!

  • Ahh, Firebug to the rescue once more!

    It seems hiding the class “box” did the trick, doesn’t seem to affect anything else. I’ll keep an eye on it, as there’s hardly anything on this new blog to affect.

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