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Our coverage of WordCamp 2006

Our coverage of WordCamp 2006

We’re not quite done with our coverage of WordCamp 2006 – you’ll see some wrap-up posts tomorrow from both David and Aaron along with two podcast interviews this week from some attendees at WordCamp.

We did see some feedback posted on at least one reader’s blog, and it made us quite proud. Jessica Doyle writes:

Hi all. I have been searching for live relevant information about what is being discussed at WordPress Camp in San Francisco today. Here are the sites I feel are doing a great job.


The Blog Herald is doing a great job of posting Wordcamp sessions as they are completed in separate posts containing links to what is being discussed. Aaron Brazell and David Krug, both writers for the Herald are liveblogging the event.

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We’re glad that you enjoyed the coverage! Our hats are off to David and Aaron for their reporting from San Fransisco today.

Editor’s Note: If you were at WordCamp and would be willing to do a brief Skype interview about your experiences, drop us a note at tips [at] blogmedia [dot] biz or hit us at ‘blogmedia’ on Skype.

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