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Performancing Relaunches pMetrics and Offers Freebies for Reviewers

Performancing Relaunches pMetrics and Offers Freebies for Reviewers

The Performancing team has announced that the pMetrics Blog Analytics service is back online after a short hiatus due to a server move.

pMetrics is a touted as a simple and clean, yet feature-rich, stats package specially targeted at bloggers. Ryan Caldwell highlighted the ability to see details at-a-glance (no digging down 4 to 5 pages down), a real-time “spy” analysis of user behavior, and even RSS feeds to let you display or monitor your stats in a variety of creative ways.

Performancing is also planning to add more functionality in the near future.

As more and more Performancing members adopt pMetrics we’ll be unveiling some uber-cool widgets and plugins to enhance your blogging experience. Plans currently include: 1) an AdSense tracking plugin and a 2) a Performancing “top blogs” widget that links back to the top 50 or so blogs using pMetrics. Discussion about pMetrics development and plugin/widget suggestions will be taking place in our pMetrics forum:

The stats package is priced at 14.99/year (or $1.99/month). However, Performancing has announced that the first 100 bloggers to write an honest-to-goodness review of pMetrics will get 12 months free use of the premium package.

The first 100 bloggers to provide an honest review of pMetrics on their blogs will receive pMetrics premium free for 12 months.

At least 250 words (if a video review, then this condition does not apply).
At least one link (though we’d love more).

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The first 100 members to post a review, as ordered by the comments in this thread, will receive the free offer. If your review is received within 6 hours of the 100th review, we will still honor the offer.

Users also get the opportunity to earn from the pMetrics affiliate program, which gives you 20% of proceeds from any sales via your affiliate link and 5% from your referrals’ referrals.

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