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Positive Facebook Comments Get ‘Likes’ While Negative Content Gets Comments [Infographic]

Positive Facebook Comments Get ‘Likes’ While Negative Content Gets Comments [Infographic]

Facebook Truth InfographicIf you want to receive more Likes on your Facebook fan page or personal wall the trick is to post positive content more than negative. On the other hand if you want more comments a few negative posts is the way to go.

The team at Help for Depression created an infographic that specifically examines how the way we post on Facebook affects the interaction we have with our Facebook friends.

The study finds for example that people with longer status updates who use the second person “you” and talk about sex and religion have the highest friends count. On the other hand people with negative and emotions responses who talk about family and use the first person “I” more tend to have less Facebook Friends.

Data for the study was culled from 83 13-year-old girls, which obviously means it’s a big bias but still worth a closer look.

The study also found that the most positive Facebook messages are posted from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. and then become progressively more negative as the day goes on.

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Have you found the above information to be true? Here are some more interesting data points:

Facebook Infographic

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  • Having more facebook friends is not an accomplishment and may not be a positive measure. Anyone can rack up 1000 plus friends. All one has to do is allow anyone to send a friend invite and accept every single one they get. Many times people with less friends are more secure and less likely to need affirmation for everything they do. These are people who gain their value elsewhere and generally have real life connections with those in their Facebook friends and also create a social life outside of Facebook.

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