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Posterous Answers Pleas (Draft Saving Now Included)

Posterous Answers Pleas (Draft Saving Now Included)

After receiving numerous requests from their fans, it looks like the Posterous team has finally empowered users with the ability to save drafts within their blogs.

Posting isn’t always spontaneous and wireless connections can be wonky.  Today, we’re releasing drafts so you can save your work for later and prevent lost posts.

To create a draft of your post, just hit the Save button from within our Web Editor.  You can publish a draft by clicking on the Publish button – your post will be autoposted as normal according to your settings. […]

You can share the draft with friends by sending them the link.  If you are part of a group site, all your contributors can see your draft when they login, but only you and your site’s admin can edit and publish your draft. (Official Posterous Blog)

Truth be told Posterous’s previous lack of drafts was puzzling (especially when you considered the fact that they supported scheduled posting), although this minor oversight should help make the platform much more appealing against rivals.

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Posterous is also planning on rolling out the ability to save drafts for their iPhone app (which desperately needs this!), although as of right now there is no word on whether they will also consider rolling out scheduled posting for iOS fans as well.

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