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Presidential Hopeful McCain Gets New Blog

Presidential Hopeful McCain Gets New Blog

This morning, Techcrunch wonders aloud if Google Trends can predict the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

We’re not sure if the number of searches for a candidates’ name is indicative of electoral success, but we do know that the Web can help shape today’s political landscape.

In the McCain vs. Obama battle, it is clear that Barack’s camp has been able to utilize the Web in ways other candidates have only been able to dream of up until this point. And with about 100 years separating the two men, Johnny M. is doing his part to see the fact that he is ‘hip.’ To that point, the presidential candidate has launched The McCain Report, a new daily blog that communicates with supporters, reporters and bloggers (maybe critics too).

According to the McCain Website:

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The goal of this project is pretty straightforward: to provide journalists and bloggers with a little more insight into what’s going on over here, to provide quotes and information you won’t be able to get anywhere else, and to serve as a point of contact for online media.

You can check out The McCain Report here.

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  • I noticed you used Barrack’s name, yet “Johnny M” for Mr. McCain.

    So telling.

    Yes, Mr. McCain is up in years — but then there is a lot of experience in them years.

    Just because someone is able to get out on the net better, doesn’t make them better.

  • Hey Andrew,

    I think Jo is referring to your 100 years comment and your “pet name” for McCain.

    With this upcoming election, people are going to be suspicious of the media/blogs as to which side they support.

    Unless you are going to provide some type of political disclosure (something I am thinking about doing on my blog when talking about politics) you might have to at least pretend to be neutral, lest the political trolls from both sides come and hijack the comment thread (something Ron Paul fanatics are infamous for).

  • DC – Yup, good point. After giving this some more thought, I realize that the ‘polarizers’ are out in full effect. Let this serve as a reminder to all bloggers to be fair (whatever that means)- or steer clear of politics entirely. I’m all for the latter.

    Read more:

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