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Probloggers prefer WordPress: unscientific analysis of comment thread

Probloggers prefer WordPress: unscientific analysis of comment thread

Pro bloggers prefer WordPress over Movable Type, was the finding of The Blog Herald’s unscientific analysis of readers this morning (as at comment 51).

The study follows a post on the perennial topic of WordPress v Movable Type where readers were invited to have their say.

Interestingly the comments from the smaller number of Movable Type readers indicated that a number of them were aware of the improved benefits of WordPress but they were secure with their current choice and were concerned that a change to WordPress may have negative effects on their blogs in terms of traffic and their current positions in the search engines due to the different URL’s for posts such a change brings.

Reasons given by WordPress users for making the switch include arrogance (sorry MT 3’s licensing debacle), easy of use, cost, strong community support group (1 user said that MT support had virtually dried) quickness, templates and spam abilities.

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A number of other readers also sited alternative pieces of blogware, but the prize for the most confused (or brave) blogger went to Shai Coggins, who professed to

“using for my podcast, Expression Engine for my personal blog, Movable Type for my private blog, WordPress for a writing blog, pMachine Pro for a creativity blog and my video blog, and Nucleus for And, I’€™ve got several blogging accounts on various services such as Xanga, ModBlog, LiveJournal, Multiply, MSN, Yahoo 360, etc. And, I’€™ve used and worked with Drupal, Mambo, etc.”

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  • Sorry Alvin, should have added it was a poll on DIY Blog packages, although I’d think that WP would probably win over Blogger if not on actual user number but based on the composition of the sample audience, basically that most people who are aiming to or who are blogging for a living either prefer to do host themselves (control) or use a paid service such as TypePad (security)

  • I don’t think you can quite call it a study. Maybe a poll. But the fact is Sixapart and independent developers don’t seem to be interested in MT, so why should users?

  • LOL! I never thought I’d ever be called a “Confused Blogger”. :-)

    It really has more to do with function — and practical reasons. As the Guide to and as a blogging consultant, I have to be as well versed as I possibly can with as many weblog systems. Otherwise, I won’t be able to give educated comments and recommendations to blogging newbies, users and clients.

  • Well, you should repeat your “unscientific analysis” next week again, when Sixapart will announce the next version of Movable Type. Will they deliver the features that they promised?

    Read here what MT Product Manager Jay Allen says in the MT Forums:

    “Since MT 3.16 (which was a massive bug fix release in case you missed it), the Movable Type team has been working extremely hard behind the scenes on the next version. It’s absolutely beautiful and the most powerful and satisfying-to-use version of Movable Type to date. All of us at Six Apart are literally going nuts waiting for the moment when we can actually safely use it for our own sites and intranet blogs. I’m sure that you will find it equally compelling.
    You’ll be hearing a lot more about this very soon. I apologize for the wait, but it’s a major release and there were a lot of i’s to dot and t’s to cross before we could call it a finished product.
    The next version (and probably the next and next and so on) would be a free upgrade for you. You’ll start hearing more about this next week.”


  • Seems like a big waste of time although I gotta admit I agree with the WordPress findings. Nice support and Free.

  • And now we see that Yahoo will be implementing MT. Yahoo’s announcement also says that they have re-written the MT code. Big push on MT for business.

    I personally use Word Press, but Yahoo is a major major player: capable of significantly changing and pushing Moveable Type.

    Things are different now than before this announcement. New ball game.

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