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Productive Blogging: My Two Favorite Tools

Productive Blogging: My Two Favorite Tools

From spelling and grammar to on-the-go photo editing, the folks at Webware have put together a great post on online tools for more productive blogging.

My addition would be Google Voice. I love the fact I can call my own phone number and then receive a transcript (fairly accurate if I speak slowly) of the conversation. It’s easy for me to then clean it up and adapt it as a blog post. I can also embed the audio if I decide to go the audio blog route. and as an added bonus, I can use the audio as part of a podcast.

I also like leaving myself audio notes with ideas for future blog posts.

As a PC user, and a chronic copy-and-paster, I am also in love with ClipMate. This nifty add-on boosts the power of Windows’ clipboard functions. It’s strongest tool is the ability to hold thousands of ‘clips’ in reserve – rather than just one.

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What Web tools are you using to be a more productive blogger?

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