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PS3 Game Developer Fired For Negative blog posting about the consoles development

PS3 Game Developer Fired For Negative blog posting about the consoles development

3D artist Josh Robinson, a PS3 developer, has been sacked by Sony following a post to his blog which made negative comments about the current development of the PS3.

In the post (since deleted), Robinson wrote:

“Our game just keeps getting moved back… And back. Well my immediate impression of the PS3 is?where is it? Seriously, where is it? They have a case, a controller and a dev kit. But the system still doesn’t even exist. So what is there to say? Where is the final system? When is it coming out? No one knows and in the mean time people in the industry are starting to get just a little salty.”

“You could always tell where the PS3 dev box was because it’s the room that had the F-bomb coming out of it half the day”.

“I started of very excited about the PS3. I was very confident that it was going to just destroy the XBOX 360 just on the name Sony alone. The more time that goes by the more I am becoming doubtful. Everything I?ve developed or seen developed has yet to be ?next gen?. The poly counts are not really any higher, im not seeing sub surface scattering, im not seeing much HDR lighting”

According to PS3week, Robinson said that he asked at least two Sony employees to read the post before it went live.

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Robinson was subsequently sacked (or dooced) following the posting coming to the attention of senior management at Sony.

(via CDRInf)

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  • Wow. That was brutally honest. No wonder he got sacked. And I appreciate his candor, what was he thinking? He signed his own pink slip. I wonder if pro-Xbox users are going to seize this insider info as a sign of victory.

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