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Pueblo businesses gain preservation grant boost

Pueblo businesses gain preservation grant boost

Preservation Grant Boost

Good news for Pueblo! Bojon Bro’s, Olde Towne Carriage House, The Gold Dust Saloon, and Walter Brewing Company have received a Community Business Preservation Grant of $130,000.

The grant comes from a joint initiative by the Southern Colorado Economic Development District and Colorado’s Business Funding and Incentives Division. It aims to restore the sparkling allure of our downtown area and boost the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk district.

By revitalizing their storefronts and public facilities, these businesses will draw in more foot traffic. This could spur business growth and breathe new life into our local economy. The project is not just about renovation. It’s about preserving our rich business history and restoring Pueblo’s vintage charm.

Gov. Jared Polis believes this grant is a lifeline for businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. By shopping locally, we can keep our businesses thriving and culturally enriching our state. So let’s act now and show our support!

Let’s meet at the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce’s Business Awards Luncheon on April 11. We’ll be celebrating TR Toppers’ Business of the Year award and other significant local economic contributions.

Boosting Pueblo business via preservation grants

With good food and great company, let’s shine a light on the dynamism of Pueblo’s business community.

Here’s an opportunity for job seekers too. Pueblo Parks and Recreation are hosting a job fair on April 5 at City Park. We’ll be filling various positions for the summer season, so come prepared with your resumes and show us your passion.

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Congratulations to Miccayla Gallardo from Minnequa Works Credit Union. She recently completed the Credit Union Development Education Program with the National Credit Union Foundation. Her newfound knowledge will enhance the efficiency of operations and the quality of service at Minnequa Works Credit Union.

Let’s not forget to commend our Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Bureau and Communication Center. They’ve just attained re-accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. Their commitment to maintaining top professional standards is truly laudable.

Lastly, the Vanguard Skin Specialists’ Give Thanks initiative will be awarding 15 grants, each worth $15,000, to southern Colorado charities. Beneficiaries will include schools, anti-poverty initiatives, and community improvement organizations. Kudos to Vanguard for amplifying their generosity in Pueblo.

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