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Radisson Edwardian Hotels Use Foursquare and Facebook For Late Checkouts

Radisson Edwardian Hotels Use Foursquare and Facebook For Late Checkouts

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Hotels have been on a social media roll, showing off their ability to understand the relatively new medium and apply it to their customers. Earlier in the week Ritz-Carlton announced a partnership with Foursquare and now Radisson Edwardian hotels have announced their own partnership with Foursquare and Facebook.

The promotion, which runs through July 31st allows Radisson Edwardian hotel guests to check out two hours late. Currently checkout is 11am which means you can stay until 1pm. Guests who would normally check out at that time would have to pay half a day’s rate, approximately $50.

The program is running at locations in the UK and users can take advantage of the offer by simply checking into Foursquare or Facebook at the time of registration at the hotel.

Here’s how it works:

When you arrive at a Radisson Edwardian hotel, check in via Facebook or Foursquare. Once you’re at the check in desk, show our staff that you’ve checked in on your smartphone. Enjoy your later check out time!

It should be noted that late check-out is “based on availability” which means busy weekend times may not be available, however you’ll have to check with the hotel ahead of time.

According to HotelChatter:

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We’d really like an incentive for early check-in. The hotel was extremely strict about it’s 3pm check-in time, leaving a pile-up of luggage and semi-stranded guests in the small lobby. ‘Til next Social Media Day then.

That’s only one review of the hotels services, the real promise here is that users now have the ability to take advantage of Foursquare in more ways than they have in the past. From sending someone into space as part of a check-in promotion at 7-11 to partnering with American Express to offer shopper discounts the company has begun to expand their offerings at breakneck speeds and with $50 million in funding recently announced it looks like they are poised to expand globally as they promised, while new partnerships and product offerings are already being witnessed by Foursquare users.

Would you be willing to integrate Foursquare and Facebook Places with check-in capabilities into your daily routine if it meant saving time and money?

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