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Real World Meets Farmville…Again! 310 Million Organic Blueberries Involved

Real World Meets Farmville…Again! 310 Million Organic Blueberries Involved

organic blueberriesThe other day we reported that Farmville had invaded the real world, making their Farmville Bucks available through various Green Giant produce products, today the tables have switched and the real world is invading the social game.

The invasion comes courtesy of Cascadian Farms, an organic Blueberry farm which has watched as 310 million organic blueberries have been planted. To put those numbers into perspective, it took 1 million players purchasing 20 coins each to plant that number of crops.

While Taami Nutz had a brand-sponsored peanut in early 2010, Cascadian Farm is the first to see their logo and brand enter into the FarmVille market.

Cascadian Farms has also watched as their virtual farmer “Farmer Joe” has received more than 5,000 friend requests through Facebook, in-part proving that the campaign has been effective in developing an interested customer base for the company.

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It will be interesting to see if “Farmer Joe” makes the leap from the virtual world to the real world, in any case, it’s a pretty cool development.

FarmVille  will wrap up the marketing campaign on July 26th, but I have a feeling Cascadian Farms will continue to going for much longer.

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  • Since I play FarmVille, I figure I should weigh in on this discussion.

    For the record, FarmVille introduced this new crop “Organic blueberries” earlier this week and its plantable for one week. It costed 20 coins to plant which is nothing.

    I will say that I ended up planting the crop, I don’t know why because it really doesn’t offer any big benefits, but whatthehay, you master it just like any other crop and move on. But this is a sponsor at least in my eyes and when you master it, you get a sign with a blueberry on it and has the Cascadian Farm logo on it. Some users don’t like it, but it doesn’t bother me.

    And it doesn’t bother me that FarmVille is introducing sponsors into the game so long as they keep the game free to play and they keep the costs of coin and FarmVille cash items down. But you never know.

    Just note, it cost coins, not cash, if it costs cash, not too many people would do it.

    • Thanks for your input RaceDriven…I wasn’t referring to the cash as part of that game, in the intro I was talking about the Supermarket promotion.

      I agree with your points about the branding though…I don’t see the big deal.

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