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RealLIST Startups Reveals Top New Tech Companies of 2021

RealLIST Startups Reveals Top New Tech Companies of 2021

"Top Tech Startups"

RealLIST Startups have released their annual top tech companies and nonprofits list based in Baltimore. This year’s major criteria is to feature companies founded in 2021 or later, mainly discussing their operational revenue and the companies that haven’t had any exit events so far.

This list showcases Baltimore as a growing hub for innovation, with the selected startups indicating the city’s ongoing transformation and increasing potential in the tech industry. A total of 20 startups have been featured this year, 10 of which are predicted to become leaders and influencers in the tech space.

The diversity of these startups is impressive as it touches on multiple sectors including healthtech, edtech, fintech, and cleantech. They all have presented pioneering products and solutions that impact vital sectors of the economy and potentially, the world at large.

Some of the noteworthy companies from the list include a biotech firm from the University of Maryland BioPark, a blockchain technology startup based in Silicon Valley, Medisyn Laboratories from Boston, and GreenTech Solutions from Seattle. These companies are making their mark due to their innovative solutions, potential for growth, and leadership in their respective fields.

Other startups featured include Coordle which is a modern travel planning application, NAV which aims to create a non-judgmental environment for teenagers’ mental health, Kaboodle which simplifies sharing tasks within families, ByteCurve a smart dispatch and driver management tool and Thrive, which is a comprehensive self-care app. Kredmo also made the cut, it’s a leading financial app in Australia aiming to increase financial literacy and inclusion.

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Storytime AI and Sommos, both AI-powered solutions, are redefining business landscapes by creating custom books for children and reshaping cognitive health respectively. Novva Cup, another innovative startup, is reimagining menstrual care by combining biomedical tech with practical experience in using menstrual cups.

Lastly, EBO is bringing a new approach to the recruitment industry, utilizing AI and machine learning to modernize talent acquisition. RealLIST Startups congratulates the featured startups on their contributions and anticipates their future impacts on the tech and innovation sector.

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