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Review: Institutionalized by Fred Smith and Joe Schmoe

Review: Institutionalized by Fred Smith and Joe Schmoe

institutionalized bookOne of the good benefits of being the Editor of The Blog Herald is that from time to time publishers like to send me free books to review, usually when they’ve got something to do with blogging, and naturally I just can’t say no. Some are good, some aren’t, but I can say that Institutionalized was one of the best reads I’ve had in a long while.

The book revolves around a fictional company Institutionalized Industries, and there day to day goings on. It’s hard not to reveal the plot when detailing the book, but I’ll put it this way: if you’ve ever worked for people who sound like complete and utter wankers you’ll understand this book: you know the type, the sort of people who are so tied up in marketing hype-speak that you just want to smash their faces in. I’ve worked for a couple of companies with this sort of corporate culture so I could fully appreciate where the book was coming from.

As for the blogosphere: well blogs play a pretty significant role in the corporate leaking and gossip throughout the book.

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A good read, although I’ll warn everyone in advance, I didn’t like the ending, only because it leaves you wanting more. The authors suggest a sequel will follow and I hope I can score a free copy as well.

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