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Brian Gardner Launches Revolution Two Open-Source WordPress Theme

Brian Gardner Launches Revolution Two Open-Source WordPress Theme

brian-gardner-revolution-wordpress-themeProminent WordPress theme designer Brian Gardner has released a new open-source theme set called Revolution Two to essentially replace his highly popular Revolution WordPress theme. The new theme set includes 10 themes for free downloading.

The release comes two days earlier than previously anticipated, with Gardner saying in his most recent blog post announcing the launch of the new Revolution theme, “I figure I owed you all an early release.”

That, or he really just wanted to be able to nurse his post-Halloween sugar hangover on Friday night. :)

Starting November 1, the original Revolution theme will no longer be available for purchase (although existing Revolution buyers will still receive support “for life”), except for necessary updates for 12 months to maintain compatibility with WordPress. Instead, Gardner has opted to go the open-source route for monetization, with plans to sell premium support for the free Revolution Two themes on an annual ($99.95) or lifetime ($149.95) basis.

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Follow the Revolution Two project on Twitter for project updates.

Have you ever used the Revolution theme for WordPress? What do you think of the new Revolution Two themes? Do you agree with Brian Gardner’s decision to make the Revolution Two themes open-source?

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  • One thing’s for sure: they look damn great!
    As for going open source, I think this is a good step for them. They were extremely popular when people had to pay for the themes, just imagine now. There will always be a lot of people who will need customizations and different implementations done.

    So, instead of selling 1 copy for $50, give it for free to 100 people and more will need different things done, going this way over one single theme price.

    Good luck Brian with the themes!

  • Hey Easton,
    Personally, I think it is a good move on his part, as GoScript said, releasing the free version could be the better move.
    Unfortunately, one of my clients purchased one of the first Revolution for WP themes and is a little pi$$ed, but I assured him that Brian is a good guy & will follow up on any problems he may run into with his paid version.

  • Absolutely, I don’t think there’s any reason to feel irritated if you bought the original themes, they are of top quality. This new route is fantastic. It will be interesting to see how many people pay or go for DIY customisation, given that there’s more potential for a lot of sites to look very similar.

    I could well be looking at a Revolution Two theme early next year …. but which one to choose?! :)

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