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RSS Isn’t Dead, Just Ask Google Reader Fans

RSS Isn’t Dead, Just Ask Google Reader Fans

It seems like every year or so there are proclamations that RSS is dead thanks to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, despite the fact that every social network incorporates RSS within their respective platforms.

Apparently there was some controversy after the Google Reader link within Gmail was replaced with Picasa Web Albums recently. After an enormous outcry erupted on Twitter, Google decided to apologize for the swap by calling it a mistake.

The Reader link at the top of Gmail (and other sites) was accidentally removed. It’s coming back soon, we promise. Don’t panic. (via @GoogleReader)

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While it’s understandable why the search engine giant replaced the Google Reader link (as the company is probably trying to boost Picasa’s numbers), it’s even more surprising that users were outraged enough to force Google to bring back the link.

Although most people that I know receive most of their info from Facebook or Twitter,  the fact that there is a sizable crowd passionate about RSS feeds (or at least feed readers) is a good sign for the blogosphere as the latter gives them yet another avenue to monetize their content.

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