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Rumor: Squarespace To Develop An iPad App (Still No Word About Android)

Rumor: Squarespace To Develop An iPad App (Still No Word About Android)

After launching an elegant iPhone app last year, it looks like the boys and girls at Squarespace are considering creating an iPad app after receiving their brand new iPads a few days ago.

(Squarespace Community) We’ve been asked whether we’re going to be developing an iPad app. I can’t answer that definitively, but I can tell you that we’re extremely impressed with the device and have fallen in love with it here. I wouldn’t be surprised if an iPad app made its way into our roadmap, but like I said I can’t say anything for sure…

Squarespace’s iPad launch would trail that of its rival WordPress, who launched an iPad app at least a day before Apple’s tablet hit the public market.While Squarespace has whole heartedly embraced all things Apple (at least as far as the iPhone and iPod Touch go), they have shown little interest in developing an Android app (despite the cries for one in their forums).

Currently there are only two iPad blogging apps available (WordPress and BlogPress) which allow bloggers to post upon WordPress, Blogger and MovableType (with limited support for Typepad, LiveJournal and Drupal).

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Hopefully Squarespace considers creating an iPad app, as it could help their company become relevant outside of the geek bubble (as most users have only heard of WordPress and Blogger).

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