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SEO Professionals: Embracing Change and Delegating Website Management

SEO Professionals: Embracing Change and Delegating Website Management

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In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), professionals have long held a preference for the WordPress platform due to its comprehensive SEO capabilities and customizability. However, the perception that other platforms, such as Wix, fall short in terms of SEO functionality may be outdated. Recent developments in Wix’s SEO features have sparked a debate among SEO professionals, with experts weighing in on the platform’s viability.

Wix, a user-friendly platform designed for individuals with limited coding skills, has made significant strides in incorporating enhanced SEO functionalities to cater to its growing user base. Over the past few years, Wix has not only improved its SEO features but has also introduced generative AI tools for website design. These developments have positioned Wix as a competitor in the realm of SEO optimization.

Despite these advancements, SEO professionals remain skeptical of Wix due to its past reputation. Many still prefer WordPress, lauding its innate SEO capabilities and extensive customization options. However, it is important to note that employing SEO features on Wix can make the platform a viable option for SEO optimization. The key lies in utilizing these features effectively.

While SEO professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of optimizing websites for search engines, it is crucial to recognize the value of delegating website management to a specialized team. Rather than obsessing over granular details, it is advisable for individuals and their clients to focus on the bigger picture. By entrusting website management to experts, risks can be mitigated, maintenance can be guaranteed, and technicalities can be handled more effectively.

Google’s John Mueller echoes this sentiment, stating that most people should not be running their own websites or servers. According to Mueller, relying on a platform allows for immediate adoption of emerging technologies and quick resolution of any issues that may arise. By letting professionals handle website management, SEO professionals can stay in their own lane and concentrate on their expertise in SEO optimization.

However, Mueller’s perspective may pose a challenge for those who crave control and direct impact on results. It is important to strike a balance between relinquishing control and staying up-to-date with evolving web dynamics. As the web continues to evolve and new technologies emerge, clinging to outdated practices may hinder the ability to adapt to future changes.

Mueller emphasizes that SEO professionals should aim to stay at the forefront of technology. Just as they are experts in the field of SEO, they should recognize the expertise of professionals in other areas, such as website management. Mueller believes that embracing change and allowing experts to do their job is crucial for adapting to the constant evolution of the web.

As advancements in AI and generative technologies continue to shape the landscape of search engine optimization, SEO professionals must be prepared to adapt and embrace these changes. By keeping abreast of platform developments and staying informed about the latest marketing technologies, SEO professionals can make informed decisions that align with their goals and objectives.

Ultimately, the choice between different website hosting platforms and the focus of SEO professionals lies in what they value most. While WordPress has long been favored for its SEO capabilities, Wix’s recent improvements indicate that it can be a viable option for SEO optimization. The decision should be based on individual needs, preferences, and the specific requirements of each project.

It is essential to recognize that the web is constantly evolving, and embracing change is crucial for staying ahead in the SEO industry. SEO professionals should be open to exploring new technologies, platforms, and strategies that can enhance their optimization efforts.


Q: Is WordPress still the best platform for SEO optimization? A: While WordPress has traditionally been favored for its SEO capabilities, recent developments in platforms like Wix have made them viable options for SEO optimization. The choice ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences.

Q: Should SEO professionals delegate website management? A: Yes, delegating website management to specialized teams can help mitigate risks, ensure proper maintenance, and allow SEO professionals to focus on their expertise in SEO optimization.

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Q: How can SEO professionals stay ahead in the industry? A: SEO professionals should embrace emerging technologies, stay informed about platform developments, and be open to adapting to the evolving web dynamics. Keeping up with the latest marketing technologies is crucial for making informed decisions.

Q: Can Wix compete with WordPress in terms of SEO capabilities? A: Wix has made significant improvements in its SEO functionalities, making it a viable option for SEO optimization. However, the choice between Wix and WordPress should be based on individual project requirements and preferences.

Q: Is it important to stay up-to-date with platform developments? A: Yes, staying informed about platform developments is essential for making informed decisions about marketing technology. The web is constantly evolving, and embracing change is crucial for SEO professionals to adapt and stay ahead.

By embracing change, delegating website management, and staying informed about platform developments, SEO professionals can navigate the ever-changing landscape of SEO optimization. The key lies in striking a balance between relinquishing control and staying at the forefront of technology. As the web continues to evolve, SEO professionals must adapt and evolve alongside it to remain successful in their field.

First reported by Search Engine Journal.

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