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Single mom documents her 5 year old son’s battle against Cancer

Single mom documents her 5 year old son’s battle against Cancer

A single mother from Manila has put up a blog documenting her 5 year old son’s brave fight against cancer, specifically Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL). The entries document conversations between her and her son Mio, and how he has been reacting to the treatments.

I don’t get it; I don’t get it how my bouncing baby boy born with healthy bones, ten toes, ten fingers and grew up with twenty healthy teeth can have cancer; I don’t get it how my son who irks at paint or crayon stains on his hands, asks for alcohol after he pees or holds money, chose to be a vegetarian, hates softdrinks and candy (which I’ve been trying to shove down his throat, believe me) and takes his time with chocolates and ice cream would be so ill; I don’t get it how a child born and raised by hundreds of my friends, schoolmates and family—loved even by strangers, would have this disease. [source]

Her blog, “Mio Fights Cancer” has been rapidly making rounds across Facebook, Plurk and Twitter within the Philippines. If you wish to show support and give words of encouragement, hop on over to her site.

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  • What a writer. I read the first blog on “Mio Fights Cancer” and wow. Such a personal journey for her. I think it’s so great that she shares this with the world. I found this page to be a great source of inspiration for myself as well: Cancer Survivor Stories . Thanks for sharing this mother’s journey with us. I will continue to read her blog.

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