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So Who Do Japanese Bloggers Like Best?

So Who Do Japanese Bloggers Like Best?

Still on the topic of The Blog Herald Japan and our subsequent, unique glimpse into Japanese blogosphere, we’ve had a little internal search to see which posts from BH that have been translated have proved most popular, and thus which of our resident Blog Herald bloggers are most appealing to Japanese blogging tastes.

And we have a clear winner: Lorelle VanFossen!! Japan’s No.1 Social Bookmarking site is Hatena Bookmark and users are bookmarking The Blog Herald Japan there.

The most linked post, by Lorelle, is “It’s Catching: Blog Disease“, translated- here. A Japanese blogger wrote a parody version: “Hatena Bookmark Disease“, crediting Lorelle and The Blog Herald Japan with the original version. And this has proved by far the most popular post translated so far. Lorelle’s other posts also get to 2nd and 3rd in the rankings when compared to other translated columns, with Derek following in fourth.

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Well done, Lorelle!!

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  • Huh? Me? Wow? Why? Thanks for the kudos. I know the translation aspect of the Blog Herald is still new, so I look forward to seeing the results in six months or so, which will hopefully spread the joy around more of the brilliant writers here.

    I’m humbled. Thanks.

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