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Social Network TV Show Coming To Comedy Central [Pilot]

Social Network TV Show Coming To Comedy Central [Pilot]

Dwayne Perkins - Star of New Comedy Central Social Networking ShowWith The Social Network, a movie about Facebook debuting soon, it was only a matter of time before other enterprising studios jumped on the band wagon, the first is Comedy Central who have announced a new pilot for a TV talk show based around the world of social networks.

The show, which will star comedian Dwayne Perkins, will be called Dwaynebook, who performed in his own half-hour special on Comedy Central back in 2003.

According to Perkin’s manager Matt Schuler, the show will be along the lines of The Soup and Tosh.o. and Perkins already has ideas for sketches that will involve regular characters to the show, those characters like The Soup will be fictional staff for the show.

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Perkins’s manager Matt Schuler (he’s also sharing executive production duties) compares the show to green-screen talk shows like The Soup and Tosh.0.Only the pilot has been ordered at this time and a pilot of which there are dozens available to each network at the start of a new season, doesn’t necessarily mean it will ever see the light of day, but if enough social networking fans begin Tweeting and “Liking” the idea, it’s only a matter of time before it debuts with at least one full season.

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