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Social Recruiting On The Web – A Hiring Infographic

Social Recruiting On The Web – A Hiring Infographic

LinkedIn Job Recruiting OnlineBefore the days of LinkedIn and the Facebook app Branch Out recruiters looking for employees had to rely on resume websites (Monster, CareerBuilder), emailed resumes from interested parties and even headhunting agencies that specialized in finding resumes online.

Now thanks to digital recruiting platforms employers can quickly and efficiently find potential employees with the skills they require.

Thanks to the team at  Jobvite we now have a nicely integrated infographic that shows how far “social job recruiting” has come since the 1990s.

According to a recent Pew Research estimate 65% of job seekers now use social media to look for new jobs. Jobvite found that 49% of people already holding down a job will use social recruiting websites to find a new job in 2012 while 55% of company’s plan to invest more money for social recruiting this year.

Social recruiting isn’t just about employees reaching out to potential employers, as jobvite points out, employers use social media to influence workers they want to attract, putting their own personal spin on their brand with 93% of companies admitting to social media use for hiring purposes.

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Here’s the social job recruiting infographic:

Social Recruiting On The Web - A Historical Infographic

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