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Sports And Social Media, A Changing Landscape Of Fanatical Fans [Infographic]

Sports And Social Media, A Changing Landscape Of Fanatical Fans [Infographic]

Social Media SportsThe landscape for major league sports is changing, not in board rooms and locker rooms but rather online. As social media has become more prevalent players are taking to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter in droves and their fans are following right around, creating a fast acting, viral system of support and camaraderie for athletes in various sports.

In celebration of sports new found home a top social media networks the sports medicine company KT Tape has created an awesome infographic that shows how social media has changed the sports we watch and the players we idolize.

Exactly how popular has sports and social media become when wrapped together? When Tim Tebow through an 80-yard lob last year to move the Denver Broncos into the playoffs he broke a Twitter record with 9,000 tweets per second mentioning his name. Then there was Jeremy Lin, a relatively unknown player who’s early season play for the New York Knicks led to the term “Linsanity” and eventually 550,000 followers in a single month.

Social media in sports also isn’t just leveraged in the United States, soccer players Kaka and Ronaldo have become the most followed athletes on Twitter. 

KT Tape has culled researcher from some of the leading sports networks to create this infographic, take a look and let us know what you think.

Sports and Social media

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