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Spotify Acquires Songza Competitor ‘Tunigo’

Spotify Acquires Songza Competitor ‘Tunigo’

Tunigo Music Discover ServiceSpotify has acquired Tunigo, a music platform that is powered by the Spotify API.

Employees from Tunigo will move to Spotify’s offices in Stockhom and New York City.

In the short term the Tunigo app will remain as its own entity within the Spotify eco-system.

The move echoes an industry shift towards stronger music discovery practices. Twitter most recently purchased We Are Hunted in an effort to gain access to the music discovery sector.  Tunigo however is more closely related to apps such as Songza and 8tracks. Those apps curate playlists and then suggests lists to users based on genre, theme, and mood.

The company has a staff of 17 people and before the acquisition had raised €2.4 million.

Tunigo was built on the premise that pressing a single button can generate the perfect playlist for music lovers in real-time.

Since Spotify debuted its app platform in November 2011 the Tunigo platform has remained a top ten app.

A spokesperson for the deal notes:

“The acquisition fits into our overall strategy around music discovery, basically helping our users make sense of over 20 million tracks.”

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Tunigo CEO and co-founder Nick Holmstén further adds:

“Tunigo helps users find great music for every moment, and we’ve been working very closely with Spotify over the past few years. This is the perfect match from a music discovery perspective. We’re passionate about music and technology, and looking forward to further innovating within the music discovery space.”

With Apple edging ever closer to iRadio and other competitors emerging in the music discovery space the Spotify acquisition of Tunigo couldn’t have arrived at a better time.


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