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Starting a Blog With Zero Tech Know-How

Starting a Blog With Zero Tech Know-How

Let’s preface this post by warning you that the site we’re about to talk about uses one of those shady, ‘we’re going to take all of your money,’ templates.

The technically challenged no longer have to let their Technophobia keep them out of the blogosphere. Blog Setup Service is a new site that promises to do all of the blog setup legwork for you for $97 a year.

As someone who spends much of his time writing blogs – and not setting them up – I was curious to hear from you on the value of such a service.

I’m not analyzing this specific company offering the service. Rather, I’m curious to hear what you think the demand of this type of service is and what a fair fee to charge for it is.

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I know many strong writers who have been scared to blog because of the tech involved. Perhaps a service like this would strengthen the blogosphere even more.

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  • I think it depends on how willing you are to learn new skills, to be honest! I knew nothing when I came to start a blog a couple of years ago, now I run two or three of differing levels of complexity. And that’s not saying that I’m now in any way ‘Techy’, far from it. I just took it upon myself to problem solve with the help of that magical thing, the Internet (mainly the WP codex, of course). Those who claim to be complete technophobes perhaps don’t realise how easy it can be, with a little patience, to start blogging.

  • I would have paid $97 to have a blog set up exactly how I wanted it. Exept when I started, I would not have know what I wanted. It wasn’t until I had blogged for awhile that I learned about formats, widgets, gadgets and customization that I wanted and that Blogger and/or WordPress did not offer.

    At that time, when I was frustrated about RSS, html, AdSense, stat tracking, etc., that it would have been nice to have a firm with a checklist of desired formats and gadgets that could be put together for $97.

  • I think when you start blogging, you just go for free blogging plate-forms. Then when things get serious, you realize that you made a mistake and start looking for your own domain name and self hosted blog.
    At that time you are just very curious about knowing how things work and don’t want to outsource your blog tweaking.
    When things get even more serious you may buy a pro theme.I think that most good bloggers have very good computing skills, so why outsource? If they dont’ they ask a friend, a kid, or neighbour to do it (unless you are already very rich)

    I visited the “Blogsetupservice”, the site looks like good 20th century classical HTML web 1.0 page set up, with my little skill, I would do better. The guy does not knows that wordpress 2.6 has been released (or he may charge 100 dolars for upgrading)! To be positive, the check list of services offered is good, that would make a good post to write for beginner.

  • I agre with Marc. People starting with blogging don’t know what it available or what will work for them. A blog setup for utter newbies is best achieved witha free service like blogger, and only after that would there be a (small) market for a blog setup service.

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