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Stickam Closing Down Tonight At Midnight

Stickam Closing Down Tonight At Midnight

Stickam Closing Down

In 2005 the social video website Stickam debuted and quickly became a video wasteland for emo kids and weirdo’s looking to watch emo kids online. Now the video blog channel has announced that it will close down at Midnight.

Stickam officials did not give a reason for the closure, only announcing:

“We are very sad to announce Stickam will be closing down.”

As the name Stickam suggests users can “stick” and embed their videos on other websites. 

Before closing the site racked up 10 million registered users who generated 6 million monthly unique views with 3 million daily streams.

In 2008 Stickam was named the “Top Video Destination for Teens” by Nielsen.

However, while Stickam climbed to the top of the video streaming heap, it was soon overshadowed by Ustream, Livestream, Google Hangouts and other video services that offered a large focus for a bigger number of users.

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With its original userbase heading out of puberty it looks as if the company simply couldn’t find a new voice to support its once burgeoning audience.

In the end the Stickam team had this to say:

After seven wonderful years we are incredibly sad to have to say goodbye. We did everything we could to keep this dream alive, but unfortunately you are reading this message. When Stickam launched in 2005 we were the very first website devoted to live streaming, user generated video and chat. There was no blueprint, no roadmap to follow. We didn’t know where you would take us. Thank you all. We will miss the Stickam community.”

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