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Sweden’s Metro Nordic launches user-generated pay-per-view scheme

Sweden’s Metro Nordic launches user-generated pay-per-view scheme

Though it’s quite hard to tell exactly what the deal is from the incredibly short press release (hampered by my inability to read Swedish on the web site), it seems that Metro Nordic, part of Metro International, has launched a “user-generated content concept” in Sweden that will put qualified bloggers on the company’s payroll.

It sounds as if chosen bloggers will be given the blogging tools they require to write their own content for the site, and will be paid relatively to how many times their article is viewed, once they reach a certain threshold of page views.

“When bloggers achieve the requisite numbers of page views per month, a bank account is automatically created and a MasterCard is sent to the author.”

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Additionally, newspaper editors can hand select the best content from their bloggers for publication on the national edition of Metro Sweden, and on, reaching a combined audience of over one million readers. (Swedish)

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  • is much like, with the obvious exception of the Pay Per View scheme. Still. Each author needs to generate 5000 page views to recieve the first payment of approximately 21,23 USD. Other than that your spot on with your article.

  • Yeah, it’s true, I recently blogged about this, but it’s basically all this + you get money per page view.

    But it’s really a very small amount of money and I have a hard time thinking that big blogs will result out of this? Maybe they can use their printed media strength to drive this?

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