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Swedish fashion bloggers could appear in department store newspaper ad campaign

Swedish fashion bloggers could appear in department store newspaper ad campaign

There’s an interesting article on a Swedish online new site which suggests that fashion bloggers — seen as an increasingly influential group — could see themselves used as models in newspaper advertising campaigns by Kfem, a prominent Stockholm department store.

Firstly, various departments in the store will have a dedicated “digital dressing room” where shoppers can have their pictures taken in various clothing and have it put online immediately. It’s not clear whether this will be published on the store’s web site or if a customer can specify their own social media space/blog to have it uploaded to.

The “Creations of the Week” advertising campaign will, with bloggers’ permission, see some of these photographs appearing in newspapers so as to promote the store.

Kfem’s marketing manager, Andreas Petterson, admitted that there would be financial savings in using these unpaid amateur models, but added that “we are doing this for the fashion bloggers, who probably will get excited to see themselves in the papers”.

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Possibly. Hopefully the bloggers involved will get some free publicity for their own site.


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  • This sounds like an excellent idea, it will give others a chance to see real people in outfits sold inside the store. Give people a real idea of how the outfit will look on them instead of some 6ft 2in model with legs like an amazon. Kind of remind me of Clueless at the being Cher is taking pictures of herself in different outfits because she did not trust mirrors.

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