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Teen Entrepreneur Expands Eco-Friendly Vehicle Wash Business

Teen Entrepreneur Expands Eco-Friendly Vehicle Wash Business

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Meet Bryson Underwood, a 13-year-old entrepreneur making waves with his vehicle washing venture, Island Shine Mobile Wash. Based on Padre Island, Bryson juggles school and his business with admirable dedication, working diligently every afternoon to provide top-notch services until sunset. His phenomenal entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to all.

Bryson’s burgeoning business started in 2023 by washing his family’s golf carts. The expansion began in 2024 and by 2025, his services were formally established into a business – a testament to the potential he saw in the market. Fast forward to 2026, Bryson’s business boasts double-digit employees and a massive clientele. Innovating with eco-friendly cleaning methods, Bryson made his mark in the local community and is now planning expansions.

Like any successful venture, Bryson had critical support- his parents Lindsey and Marcus Underwood. From providing essential tools and transport to moral support and business advice, the couple have paved the way for Bryson’s entrepreneurial journey. With Marcus’ business acumen and Lindsey’s keen financial advice, the Underwoods make for the perfect launchpad for Bryson’s dreams.

Going against the norm of traditional jobs, Bryson enjoys the autonomy as his own boss. He takes control of various aspects such as branding, logo creation, and pricing. His services start at $15 for washing a golf cart, scaling up for vehicles of larger sizes.

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While car washing might or might not be Bryson’s career path, his commitment to honing his business acumen is unmovable. He’s already eyeing business or a similar field for further study, while appreciating the critical skills he is learning from his venture. Whatever the future holds, Bryson holds high values of education and harbors the ambition to turn every endeavor into success.

Bryson dreams of expanding Island Shine Mobile Wash to Port Aransas and Corpus Christi. Those interested can text “WASH” to 361-428-0001 to avail his services. With great ambitions and a remarkable attitude, this young entrepreneur is certainly one to watch.

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