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The b5media recap

The b5media recap

Aaron beats me to it and posts that Mark Evens is joining b5media as Vice President, Operations.

Aaron has a monster recap of most of what was said yesterday in the blogosphere around b5media.

Duncan Riley, one of b5media’s founders, talks a bit about his new role.

Valleywag says that the whole thing sucks. Whatever.

Darren Rowse, another b5media co-founder, also weighs in.

9rules takes a few shots at b5media.

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  • What do you expect of Valleywag? They’re gleefully waiting for it to implode – how sad and negative.

    What’s surprising is 9rules gets in on it. Might it be jealousy that b5 has an actual business model. earns revenue and can attract funding. Hmmm. Of course, they’re too cool to admit it, those uber 9Rulers as they happily go along building the link farm of all link farms.

  • Mike – sorry Mike, got to call you out for being a total dolt – especially after the comment you left over at ValleyWag…

    These investors must be living in a timewarp, one where arts and crafts blogs written by stay at home moms and 20 blogs on crappy TV sitcoms can return on an investment. Gawker has various uber-successful blogs, WIN has Engadget and Autoblog, what does b5media have?

    I’ll tell ya.

    Sacred Dolls and Bears.

    Why the negativity/envy on something that you (and all of us) know little about ie: what the actual deal entails and what’s in store.

    So far as I know, they’re after a strong sales presence in America – that’s smart business, imo.

  • It’s always been about pushing buttons with Mike. It’s been about discrediting b5media because, well, I can only guess it’s a jealous rage. b5media actually is profitable, has a business plan, business model and a whole lot of respect. 9rules, well, great community and…. well, they have a CEO that acts like an idiot on video. Never sure what 9rules business model was. Still not sure. My guess is there’s a jealousy there and it comes out in trying to diminish public perception by questioning numbers, tearing down stay at home mom bloggers, etc.

  • Aaron … I’m sure Mike and the 9rulers will come down hard on you but I think you’re 100% right.

    Nobody knows what 9r business model is … probably even themselves.

    But they’re just happy to hang out together acting all uber cool and all that shit and looking down at others.

    If that’s their way then sadly I think it’s all passing them by.

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