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The world changed today… we just don’t realize it yet…

The world changed today… we just don’t realize it yet…

And it happened when North Korea tested their nuclear weapon.

I was reminded of Paul Johnson’s Nuclear Nightmare piece from a few years ago:

The sound of the explosion was so loud, so prolonged and so unusual that I knew at once I was listening to a historic singularity. Indeed, it may not have been an explosion: more a catastrophic global event. Was it the end of the world? As the initial noise fell in volume, though it did not cease, a pentecostal wind swept over my house in Notting Hill. It faces north into the street, and the air current came from the south, as I could see from the trees bending over in our south-facing garden. I was sitting in my library, in my habitual chair near the French windows, and was astonished to see fallen leaves plastered on to them and held there by the fierce wind. Then I felt movement….

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And now we’ll find out what the world is really like with a nutcase running about with a nuclear weapon…

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  • I read the nuclear nightmare. OMG. It caused me to break out in goosebumps. I pray that now that they have tested and have an answer there learned knowledge will be used in a more intelligent humanitarian way.

    Is there a way to invert a nuclear blast to cause not death but birth? This is the first i have read of North Korea doing this. How could they do this? And why? What does such a huge explosion really demonstrate that we already do not know. Why are people on this world so set on anihilating it in an instant and others more slowly. I don’t understand. This makes me sad.

    We are all molecules that can be blown apart only to be rejoined in another form… : (

  • Nothing and everything!
    N. Korea just wanted to prove they have N.Weapon, to the world especially to US.
    Strategically they will never consider as Nuclear power country, until they blow it. :P

    No one knows horror of nuclear nightmare better than N. Korea’s neighbor Japan. But the problem is every few decades some moronic leader will come up with great idea to make his nation suffer. This time N. Korean leader came up with Nuclear Furry. :(

    Thats the story of International politics.

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