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The world talks WordCamp and what’s coming up…

The world talks WordCamp and what’s coming up…

A quick rundown of who’s talking about WordCamp out there and a preview of what we have on-deck to wrap-up our own coverage.

Probably the best overall rundown was from Martin Neumann’s [gonzo]musings – course I’m biased because he lauded our coverage.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more interesting coverage out there:

Chartreuse (beta):

Tommy Keswick posts a clear headed perspective with a rundown of some of the sessions.

1938 Media’s Loren Feldman has a video post entitled WordCamp Wrap-Up. Loren, where’s the rest of your video coverage??

Metroblogging San Francisco’s Lauren posts on her personal blog: ‘WordCamp was Yesterday’ as well as a post over at Metroblogging.

Automattic’s CEO Toni Schneider on WordCamp 2006 Wrapup.

9rules’ honchos Scrivs and Tymes talk WordCamp at the end of their ScrivsTyme Podcast.

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And there’s the Technorati Feed and the Flickr feed if you need more WordCamp love.

As for our own coverage, we have a few related items coming your way soon:

Someone asked via email if we’re going to cover more conferences in the future.. and the answer is.. YES!.

We are scheming to sponsor some attendees at the upcoming PodCamp conference in Boston – and I may attend as well. Interested? Drop us a note!

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  • YES, I’ll put my hand up if there’s any conferences down here in Australia – highly bloody unlikely, though :-)

    Every other month the Australian blogging community thinks/talks about setting up a conference but nothing comes of it.

    Why do you think most Australian bloggers play on the worldstage? The blogging scene here is 2 years behind at best.

  • Duncan, Darren, Des Walsh, Yaro and a few others would be glad to hear your offer.

    An Australian conference has always been at the back of my mind – there would be two issues: The person(s) organizing it would almost certainly need to do it full time – pre-publicity, getting sponsors, finding a venue – you know the deal.

    You’d have egos involved and Australia is a big bloody country: Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.

    It can be done … and one day it will be, no doubt about it.

    I have a dream: :-) I’d love to run an Aussie conference as full time venture.

    Now you’re really making me think, Matt :-)

  • Hell, I might even drag my ass down there for that. Who knows ;-)

    Now, I said we could be a sponsor ;-) Not pay your payroll.. hehe


  • Did I hear you’re willing to pay our payroll? Cool, Oh not…

    Nah, really what one must do is sit down with a clear head and crunch the numbers and see if corporate Australia and other sponsors can basically bankroll it.

    Also do a real research session into the Aussie bloggging scene to see if it’s viable (I personally think that it is)

    It’s a brainstorming session I might do one day shortly.

    Thanks for pushing me to start thinking about all this again … if it ever gets off the
    ground you’ll be our honarary member :-)

  • If you can’t get blog coverage for PodCamp Boston, fear not. We’re going to have podcast coverage of as many sessions as we can, including some video as well. We’ll do our best to give you the “look and feel” of PodCamp Boston, even if you can’t get out of Australia.

    Also, PodCamp will become an open source idea after we finish the first one and get all the little bits and bobs figured out. You can host your OWN is what I’m saying. : )

    –Chris Brogan…
    Co-Founder and Organizer

  • Hey Chris … From Australia – if I could, I would.

    I think you’re a little more organized than WordCamp was – you seem to have everything ready to go after taking a quick peek at your site.

    Is there any need for me to cover the coverage like I did with WordCamp?

    Either way, I think I will.


  • Well, fortunately, I’m in Minnesota, and flying to Boston isn’t so bad. Besides, I’m from Boston!! Any chance for a Red Sox game ya know :)


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