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Tim Ferris wants YOU to donate $90,000 to charity

Tim Ferris wants YOU to donate $90,000 to charity

Tim Ferris has done the “unreasonable” in his terms. With the recent Tweet to Beat charity gaining 6k++ more followers, Tim is now upping the ante by giving out $3.00 to each and every follower.


There’s a reason why he’s doing this and it is all about the experience. In the same way that we were exposed to immersions to help out our community back when we were in school, Tim wants us to experience the gratification of giving the $90,000 ourselves — that’s $3.00 each.

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He has outlined very detailed steps to make the donation (the first stage of gratification), and show that we made the donation in our Facebook timeline (the second stage of gratification).

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  • While schools getting $90k is brilliant, it’s all starting to feel very “I gave, you gave, let’s shout about it”.

    I guess we all have different attitudes to giving (or not giving) to charity, but IMO this “immense gratification” would be totally lost on me. For a start, it’s another person’s money, and for a second, I don’t believe shouting about how wonderful you are because you gave $x to Y is the way forward.

    Sure, it might get you some recognition but I’m far more into secret philanthropy.

    Still, $90,000 is $90,000 :)

  • i read you there andy.

    for me though, for everything that this project is (it is a bit complex in execution) i still feel that the man has good intentions behind him =)

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