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Top Christmas Gifts For Those That Work At Home

Top Christmas Gifts For Those That Work At Home

work at home gifts

As the holiday season is underway, it is time to start scrambling around to find the perfect Christmas gifts for those on your list. You want something that they will love and something that is practical that they can use.

As a community of freelance writers, bloggers and other work at home professions, we wanted to share what should be on your wish list. Whether you are buying a gift for a work at home person in your life or making a list for yourself, you can’t go wrong with something from these categories.

Home Decor That Doubles As Office Equipment

When your home is your office, you find yourself working in unconventional places. You use household objects as office supplies. For example, I have only ate a handful of meals at my dining room table, but have written thousands of words at it. I lay in bed in the morning and reply to important emails. See, it can be hard to draw the line between work and home. Make your home comfortable and efficient with these clever gifts:

Office Chair Bed

work at home gifts

Admit it, one of the best perks about being your own boss is the power to take a nap whenever you want. This unique desk chair can have your ready for a quick snooze with a push of a button. This would make the perfect addition to any home office.

Spink Cup Holder

work at home gifts

Working at home goes hand in hand with a hot mug of coffee. However, when working from spots such as your couch or dining room table, spills are bound to happen. Trust me, spilling coffee on your laptop will make you miss a deadline or two. Save yourself (or someone else) the trouble with this ingenious cup holder that prevents cups from toppling over. Plus, anything to protect the precious caffeine is a win (see below.)

Anything With Caffeine

It can’t be just me who runs on caffeine. As a writer, I delved into an unhealthy obsession with coffee at an early age. Whether you choose coffee, tea or soda, caffeine is probably your best friend when it comes to hitting those deadlines. Choose to give the gift of liquid motivation with these awesome gift ideas:


work at home gifts

I’ll admit I spend way too much money on coffee runs. Help out your fellow caffeine addict by getting them a giftcard to their favorite coffee shop. Gift it with a fun mug and they will love you forever.

Monthly Subscriptions


Fresh ground coffee and goodies delivered to my door every month? Sign me up. There are several companies that provide monthly subscriptions that will treat your caffeine lover to exotic blends and roasts every month. Whether you choose a variety or their traditional favorite, you are sure to be their favorite person!

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Organizational Tools And Office Supplies

Notbooks, pens, calendars… call us writers creatures of habit, but most of us have a strange obsession with office supplies. I personally have a notebook and planner on me at all times. You never know when you will have to jot down an idea or important piece of information. Before you purchase that boring stationary set, check out these unique office supplies:

Bubble Wrap Calendar


Normally, a desk calendar would be considered a lame gift, but this one of a kind calendar is perfect for the office. Made with bubble wrap, you can pop ech day as it passes. Just don’t get carried and pop the whole year in one setting.

Laptop Mobile Workstation


This handy gadget will allow the user to turn pretty much area of your home into the perfect place to work. With plenty of room to keep your laptop, mouse and phone within arms reach, this item is a must have!

What would you add to this list? As part of the work at home crowd, what would you like to see under the tree this year?

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  • I think a Baron Fig notebook & killer pen would do it for me (, a bar of outstanding chocolate, and also a gift subscription to coffee subscription (… of course I’m biased, but seems like a nice Christmas gift set!

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