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Track Google+ Analytics and Influence with BuzzRank’s Plusalyzer

Track Google+ Analytics and Influence with BuzzRank’s Plusalyzer

Plusalyzer by BuzzRank

In a rather unsurprising move, more and more companies have started to develop online Google+ analytics and tracking platforms, adding to their stable of social analytics. Even before any form of Google+ API has been released so far, and with mixed results.

Only days after Google+ was opened to a select group of people, FindPeopleonPlus was released, tracking 1 million Google+ users. Since the service received its 5 minutes of fame the number of people tracked hasn’t grown anymore and statistics haven’t been updated either, even though Google+ has grown to rather large numbers in less than a month already.

The newest kid in town, Plusalyzer by the German BuzzRank team, now tries to deliver the user a more in-depth level of statistics for their contributions to the social network.

It‘s not about charts. But charts are a good starting point for our upcoming Google+ Social Media Analysis, once Google opens up the API. For the time being we created a list with the Google+ User who are added to most circles. Add yourself here and see right away where you are placed.

We gather the amount of followers (people who decided to read the updates of a user) and friends (people who a user added to his circles). Based on this we can calculate daily changes, a ranking in our charts, the friend/follower ratio and and further interesting and relevant aspects.

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Plusalyzer provides charts of the most popular people on Google+ as well. The lack of an API offering any service the ability of analyzing metrics is very visible. Upon signing up, Plusalyzer will return no results at all, a rather depressive moment for most social media experts and egos.

Google+ Analytics for Tom Anderson
Google+ Analytics for Tom Anderson

Even a look at most of the top users only returned results for the last 5-7 days. We assume the service starts tracking once the Google+ ID has idea has been added.

You can add your profile now at Plusalyzer.

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