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Tumblr Hires Emerging Fashion Bloggers To Cover New York Fashion Week

Tumblr Hires Emerging Fashion Bloggers To Cover New York Fashion Week

Tumblr Fashion Bloggers

Tumblr Fashion Bloggers

Tumblr has actively been attempting to showcase the networks talents lately, ast week the company hired two veteran journalists to cover the sites best content and now they have hired several emerging fashion bloggers to kick off New York Fashion Week.

Tumblr on Wednesday announced on its staff blog that they have partnered with Milk Studios, a photography and studio conglomerate who will take a team of five “local emerging voices in fashion from Tumblr to cover the events” to cover the events.

Readers of the massive blog network can find information using the NYFW tag or they can follow these five bloggers: AlexBryantChloeLucie and Miguel

News of this type of “intimate” interaction was a smart move for Tumblr after BetaBeat in September broke news of the company’s attempt to monetize New York Fashion Week by selling premium ads to willing brands. BetaBeat wrote at the time:

The proposal asked for $100,000 to have 4 of Tumblr’s “select bloggers” produce 15 posts for the brand’s Tumblr during the week, with the “exact nature of the content to be agreed upon prior to the start of the week.” For $150,000 brands could get ad placement on the official NY Fashion week Tumblr. For $350,000 they could get ad placement on the Tumblr tagged “fashion” page. For $10,000 big fashion brands could spend a little quality time with the 20 select bloggers at a private event. Product placement was also offered “At cost”, with the “influential tastemakers” being promised at a group rate.

Eventually BetaBeat admitted that the plan was still “rough around the edge” and was never implemented, in fact bloggers being targeted were never even notified of the potential move.

In the meantime Tumblr is the perfect platform for covering fashion and photography thanks to the company’s huge emphasis on photo-heavy layouts and micro-niche focus on each Tumblr blog.

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This time around Tumblr will not attempt to monetize fashion week and announced:

“It’s just a beautiful portal for folks to feel like they are experiencing the New York Fashion Week. We have five bloggers, all local to New York since New York is an amazing fashion capital, so it’s great to five emerging voices.”

Do you think Tumblr is making the right choice in highlighting top performing bloggers and pushing them to the front of the Tumblr pack?

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