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Tumblr Sneaks Out Android App

Tumblr Sneaks Out Android App

After conquering the iPhone as well as Blackberry smartphones, Tumblr has invaded the Android Market minus the official announcement.

This weekend, popular blogging site Tumblr has quietly released an official Tumblr application for the Android platform. […]

The Tumblr Android application provides users much of the same experience as posting on the standard web. Android users can now post pictures, links, quotes, audio, video and basically any other mobile content you can think of right to your Tumblr blog. Also, the official Tumblr app includes the dashboard, which contains all of your content (both posts and drafts of posts) as well as the content of any people you follow on the Tumblr service. (Android And Me)

The Tumblr for Android app is very similar to its iPhone brother with the only major exception being that the former lacks twitter integration (a feature recently rolled out to iPhone Tumblrs).

Once again it looks as if Tumblr tapped Mobelux to create an official smartphone app (the latter was responsible for developing Tumblr’s official iPhone and Blackberry apps).

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While Tumblr’s Android entrance will displease a few third party developers, having an official app will help the micro blogging service compete against Twitter as well as WordPress (both who are intent on conquering the mobile frontier).

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  • I don’t think tumblr really competes with twitter per-se. A lot of people use tumblr for long-form blog posts, or at least posts that are much longer than twitter posts.

    I suppose some people do use tumblr as a microblogging service, but twitter seems like a better choice . . .

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