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Tweetie Surprises Users With “Easter Egg” (Announces Bad News For Developers)

Tweetie Surprises Users With “Easter Egg” (Announces Bad News For Developers)

Despite the insignificant update Tweetie released upon the app store, the latest version of the app includes a humerus slot machine that appears whenever users try to refresh their timeline.

Although the Easter Egg (as geeks call them) is cute overall, Tweetie did alert their fans that the app will be renaming itself “Twitter for iPhone” soon (something Twitter itself hinted at after they bought out Tweetie for an undisclosed sum).

The name switch is suppose to happen during the next update, in which Twitter will release the app for free to the masses (as Tweetie’s current asking price is still $2.99 USD).

Although users will probably laugh at Tweetie’s slot machine, most developers will be nervous as the next update of Tweetie as it could easily herald their extinction on the iPhone, well as the world of mobile (since Twitter already has an official Blackberry app and is working on creating one for Android too).

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Third party developers are already responding to the official Twitter apps arrival by either selling off their tweet businesses (on the cheap) or by sadly removing their premium apps altogether from the app store (a trend that may accelerate once “Twitter for iPhone” makes it debut).

(note: Easter Egg tip via @babelsquirrel)

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  • third party applications has its own importance, i have seen this in many cases, but i think if someone selling their business due to this, its too ealry for them

  • I am kind of gutted really. Tweetie is a great app, and I am using it daily, but having just made the call to buy the app a few weeks back, feels stink to know everyone else will get it for free soon…Tweetie did a similar thing with their first version, when they released version 2, they made all the version 1 users buy the app again. Not cool!

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