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Twitter For Blackberry Embracing Long Awaited Features

Twitter For Blackberry Embracing Long Awaited Features

Despite not being officially maintained by Twitter HQ (RIM supports the app), Twitter for BlackBerry is one of the top mobile apps despite its limitations.

Fortunately for BlackBerry addicts, RIM is about to introduce a few useful updates that are considered standard features by many third party Twitter apps (not to mention the official ones as well).

Some of the new and exciting features in this release include Geotagging Tweets, Push @Mentions, Chat-Style Messages, #Topic Autocomplete and more! You’ll also notice that we’ve updated the Twitter graphics throughout the app to reflect the new look of the Twitter brand. […]

Now when you’re mentioned on Twitter, you’ll immediately receive a notification on your BlackBerry smartphone through the use of BlackBerry Push technology. You can control whether you want to be notified when anyone mentions you, or just when your followers mention you. With Push @Mentions, you’ll know who is talking about you or to you, so you can continue the conversation as it happens. (Inside Blackberry)

These features are not yet live for Twitter for BlackBerry, as RIM is still beta testing the future release in order to squash any bugs remaining within the app.

There is still no word on when (hopefully not “if”) RIM will consider adding video support for the app, a feature available for both the official iOS and Android apps (not to mention a few third party BlackBerry apps as well).

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Users interested in testing out the latest features will need to log into the BlackBerry Beta Zone (account required).

For those of you testing out the app, what feature do you love and what features would you like to see?

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