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Twitter Gets “You Both Follow” Feature

Twitter Gets “You Both Follow” Feature

Twitter You Both Follow

Twitter is testing a new function for the website called “You both follow” which as the name would suggest allows users to see who they have in common with people they follow and who follow them.

The picture above shows the “You Both Follow” feature in action. The program works by displaying a strip of avatars for the people you have in common with others and the avatars show up on a strip to the right of the profile next to the users other information.

If you want more information when viewing avatars you can click on the link below the avatars to see all of the people you and your follower have in common.

Yeah I’m well aware that this feature pretty much copies the Facebook Mutual Friends options, but Twitter should feel no shame, after all Facebook bought FriendFeed to apparently take Twitter head-on (haven’t really seen that happen yet) and tried to grab a bit of Twitter glory by featuring their own tagging system for messages which didn’t really catch on like Twitter’s @ and # tags.

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Here’s a look at the link below the avatar strip that can be clicked to see more Twitter follows you have in common with the profile you’re checking out:

Twitter Mutual Follow

What do you think about the Twitter “You Both Follow” feature? I tend to find new people to follow organically through happen stance conversations, then again seeing if my friends, who tend to have the same interests as me, are following any profiles I should check out isn’t a total waste of time.

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  • Maybe I’m just being dense, but I fail to see the usefulness of this feature. I’m not discovering anyone new to follow, since I’m already following the person in our mutual list, and you aren’t discovering anyone new either. Short of creating some kind of “matching technology” where you and I can be considered to be near-clones of each other because we follow 99% of the same people or something like that, what’s the point?

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