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It’s Alive! Twitter Launches Android App (Plus: Is Palm Pre Next?)

It’s Alive! Twitter Launches Android App (Plus: Is Palm Pre Next?)

After receiving some extra love from the boys and girls at Google, it looks as if Twitter now has an official app for Android freaks (note: I say that in love).

Today we are excited to announce that Twitter for Android is available in Android Market!

Twitter for Android is a fantastic application to use, and sharing any link or photo is super simple too – just look for the share button in your favorite application and choose Twitter. […]

We had a great time working with the Android team and are thrilled that Google will be open sourcing the code used in this app in the near future.  (Official Twitter Blog)

Twitter now has official apps upon all three major smart phone platforms, having previously launched an official Blackberry app, as well as buying out Tweetie (which has caused at least one developer to exit the twitterverse).

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Thus far Twitter has not revealed what its next mobile plans are, although the micro blogging company could be developing an official app for Palm’s webOS devices (news that will probably not please Tweed or Twee, both which sell on Palm’s app store).

Either way it will be interesting to see how the official Android app compares against its Blackberry and iPhone siblings (the latter which should be launching very soon), as well as the reaction from developers who may have to figure out how they will survive Tweetageddon.

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  • We really need a Palm OS Twitter application. The text format is ridiculous, in a way. It doesn’t like to go through, and the web use is just odd ):

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