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Twitter Rolling Out Premium Accounts For Businesses?

Twitter Rolling Out Premium Accounts For Businesses?

It looks like Twitter will be launching premium accounts soon, and is currently beta testing out the features with a few lucky brands.

While the micro blogging company has been rather silent as far as the pricing goes, this upcoming feature should help small and large businesses, as well as large blog networks.

In order to encourage the corporate masses to pay for a service that they have been using for free, Twitter is sweetening the deal by offering a few juicy perks.

According to the company, “only a handful of accounts have these features presently,” but it will expand on a gradual business to more accounts. One of the biggest additions: the ability for businesses to accept Twittter direct messages, even from people they don’t follow. […]

Once a business activates its account, it is automatically verified. This is important because Twitter Verified Accounts have been limited to individuals thus far. (Mashable)

Twitter is also giving premium accounts the ability to add multiple users, a feature that may not please Hootsuite (which offers something similar to its clients).

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Combined with Twitter’s upcoming “tweetsense,” this should help make the company profitable in the near future as businesses and bloggers alike rush to purchase a premium account (the latter who may opt into it depending on the price).

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  • This is great news for all my clients and the idea that they will be verified accounts will help businesses greatly. I am surprise that the DM feature is being added and will really help with customer service problems.
    We are all curious to see how these beta tests will turn out but if they continue to have a opt-in policy rather than the idea of just turning on the Promoted Tweets feature and having the user have to find out how to opt-out then I think Twitter will continue to be on the right track.
    However, we also need to remember that this proposed business model on how to use Twitter to help your marketing plan isn’t the only way. White Horse is doing a webinar this morning on different Twitter marketing tactics. It will explain Promoted Tweets, Brand Tweets, and even Sponsored Tweets, along with other ideas. Knowing the options is half the battle – choosing the right fit will win you the war.
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    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • Twitter will roll out commercial accounts this year in an attempt to make money out of the phenomenally popular micro-blogging site.

    Biz Stone – co-founder of Twitter – has confirmed that the company is already taking its long mooted foray into commercial accounts – allowing businesses to get superior exposure for premium services.

    “Twitter will still be free for everybody and we’ll still tell them to go crazy with it,” Stone told Venture Beat.

    “But we’ve identified a selection of things that businesses say are helping them to make more profit.”

    Stats and analytics

    Some of these additional services will come in the form of improved tools and analysis, with Stone stating: “We want to build statistics or analytics that let users know — ‘How am I doing on Twitter?'”

    Interestingly, the company has made enough from venture capitalists to consider buying up rival companies – following the news that rivalFriendFeed was snapped up by Facebook.

  • Twitter is adding multiple users for premium accounts. Did they plan to slowly include features like this, or did they just now think of it? You have wonder, because it is not very uncommon for a site to give you multiple identities. Nonetheless, it’s looking like premium accounts are going to be well worth the price. If “tweetsense” is anything like adsense, Twitter is going to be surpassing Facebook after the premium accounts are revealed in their full glory. Verified account badges will also be a nice plus for any business or blog looking to add some credibility to their Twitter account. Twitter is getting ready to make a lot more money, even if only 10% of their users go premium!

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