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Twitter’s Most Obnoxious Tech Tweeters Revealed [Infographic]

Twitter’s Most Obnoxious Tech Tweeters Revealed [Infographic]

Tech TweetersTwitter has more than half a billion tweeters and with those type of numbers the social network is bound to have run-ins with some really obnoxious users.

The team at Conduit decided to check out Twitter’s worst users and put together a hilarious infographic that examines the social networks most obnoxious people.

Talking about Twitter’s worst offenders Conduit’s Sivan Cohen revealed:

“With over half a billion users, it’s no surprise that Twitter has its fair share of awful tweeters.”

The company specifically examined eleven awful tech tweeter types. From “know-it-all developers” who attempt to always look brilliant, to eventaholic Twitter users who brag about all the cool events they are attending, the group really hits the nail on the head.

Copycats, wannabe founders, and tech noobs all make the Conduit list.

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Read through the infographics’ list of top offenders and let us know what obnoxious Twitter users are missing from the tech based list:

Twitters Most Abnoxious Tweeters


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