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UK politician wins party’s blog of the year award

UK politician wins party’s blog of the year award

While US political blogging is very much on the radar, less is spoken about British political blogging. However, a Liberal Democrat activist, James Graham, has won the UK political party’s annual blog of the year award, winning the opportunity to interview party leader Sir Menzies Campbell.

James works for a non-governmental organisation, Unlock Democracy, said he was delighted to scoop the top prize. Perhaps not hugely prestigious, but surely an appropriate prize for a party political blogger.

“Generally I try to be independent but not unnecessarily critical of the party,” he said. “The Liberal Democrat blogging community is very much a community. It’s much more a sense of people getting together through their dialogue and the debate can be quite exciting at times.”

A ceremony took place in Brighton, with Mr Graham picking up a glass globe.

Will Howells, Liberal Democrat internet campaigns officer, said Mr Graham’s blog was “a very good mix of a bit of humour, while writing seriously about detailed policy issues in a very readable way.

“He’s not afraid of being independent from the party and he will slag off policy if he doesn’t agree with it. It’s the best example of Lib Dem blogging.”

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Mr Howells said that there were now over 130 Liberal Democrat blogs.

“It’s a really good way of getting the views of members, activists and MPs across to other people in the party,” he said. “You can tell if there is a controversial announcement in the party because you get an immediate reaction from the blogs. MPs are seen as normal human beings, rather than away in Westminster going on junkets. We know what they are up to.”

(Via BBC News)

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