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Are You Using Instagram Embed Enough on Your Blog?

Are You Using Instagram Embed Enough on Your Blog?

After Instagram announced that they were allowing embeds of Instagram posts on websites via their blog, many bloggers have taken advantage and have started using embed codes instead of copy and pasting Instagram images or taking a screenshot of an image to re-post it to their page.

Even though you can still only post images via an app on a mobile device, Instagram has become a huge social media platform that brands and bloggers should be utilizing. Many ways to do this include interacting via the community through Instagram photo challenges, contests, custom hashtags, and artistic photos that showcase the blog or company’s values and products.


After you sign up for an account (if you don’t have one already), here are some of the reasons why you should be embedding more Instagram posts on your blog:

More Visibility

Embedding Instagram posts instead of manually posting the same photo instantly means more visibility for your Instagram profile. The interactive widget allows users to view the photo on Instagram, as well as the user’s profile. This can mean more followers and more interaction with your profile via likes and comments.

Makes Photos Easier

Photos are easier than ever to put into your blog posts with the Instagram embed feature. All it takes is copy and pasting either the Instagram post URL (if your content management system for your blog allows simple insertion, like WordPress) or the embed code, which can be found next to the comment field on the post:


Illustrates a Point

Instead of having to worry about copyright issues when using photos from other users’ Instagram accounts, embedding the photo right into your blog post makes it easy to share photos from other people without having to download and re-upload them. It also gives that user visibility as well, which is almost always a good thing (unless you are using their photo as an example of something negative).

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For posts that are about social media, branding, marketing, or cool stuff other users are doing, embedding posts is a great way to illustrate your points, without having to save and edit a bunch of images.


Whether you are trying to increase the visibility of your own Instagram profile, you want to make photos easier to place in your blog posts, or you want to share someone else’s photos, Instagram embeds can be beneficial for everyone!

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  • Thanks for mentioning Instagram. I had heard about the social media platform for a long time and than on a school trip to Quebec City there was a girl who was addicted to using the platform. That’s the day I decided to see what it was all about, much to the dismay of my girlfriend, I’ve become rather hooked myself, but my current replacement phone is…not quite up to the challenge, to be fair.

    I do think Instagram can be a great tool for bloggers to use and I agree about the contests and custom hashtags. I have considered using such methods in the future for my community. Thanks for giving me all the more reason to go ahead with it! :)

  • Yes I have been doing it for a while now. I have seen Instagram grow as a highly popular social media platform and my experience with it has been simply awesome. Thanks to one of my ambitious business associates who introduced me to this wonderful platform.

    I began to use Instagram to make our company, products and service more visible to the target audiences. The best thing is that all you need to make a product viral is click a photo and upload. You can, however, get better results by adding more like-minded people to your circle. This helps you be specific about who you want to approach and how.

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