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ValleyWag tries to cover The Blog Herald sale.. and fails

ValleyWag tries to cover The Blog Herald sale.. and fails

Nick Denton’s ValleyWag made an attempt to cover the sale of The Blog Herald today with the biggest bunch of incorrect and mis-sourced information I’ve ever seen:

There’s no reason to care about the disposal of the Blog Herald, a small site which covers the blog publishing industry, to the extent that one can call it an industry. Except that the news site’s original purchase, for $75,000, a year ago, gave some modest hope to an army of unpaid writers and breathless blog evangelists. The abandonment of the site, for a rumored price a quarter that originally paid, should be a corrective.

First, we did not pay $75,000 when we purchased the site from Duncan in February.

Second, we did not sell the site for 1/4th of what we originally paid to begin with. Hell, if that was going to be the offered price I would have kept the site to begin with.



Nick Denton writes in the comments over at ValleyWag the following:

Blog Herald’s Matt Craven has denied both the purchase and sale price for the property. But no numbers, an no denial that they lost money on the deal.

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I wasn’t aware that I had to disclaim everything.

We did not lose money on the deal in any way, shape, or form.

Try again.

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  • ValleyWag continues to stink of elitism and sadly masturbatory self-congratulation…

    They should’ve called it ValleyWank.

  • Ah ValleyWag – what a total wankfest. If they did some basic research before writing things up they just might be taken more seriously.

  • Ah, the internet…You have to love these little pissing matches!

    Update: I just heard that Nick Denton still sleeps with his teddy bear!

    Updated update: Sources report that Matt Craven is a doody-head!

    Update to the updated update: Rumor has it that Matt is rubber and Nick is glue. It is yet to be seen whether anything Nick says bounces off of Matt and sticks to him.

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