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Vuvuzela Invades YouTube…Buzzzzzzzz

Vuvuzela Invades YouTube…Buzzzzzzzz

youtube vuvuzela buttonGoogle loves to have fun on April Fool’s day and during various special celebrations, apparently the World Cup is no exception. The company placed a Vuvuzela button on their YouTube videos and it actually works!

Just click on the red soccer ball icon located below the video and the entire video, including it’s own sounds will be drowned out by the delightful (umm…or not) sound of the Vuvuzela.

Be warned if you haven’t been paying attention to the World Cup, the Vuvuzela is quite possibly one of the most annoying sounds you’ll ever hear. Sure for the first five seconds it’s not so bad, but give it a few minutes and you’ll be pulling your hair out. On the other hand if you like loud monotone noises you’ll love it!

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