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Weebly Dashes Hopes For An iPhone App

Weebly Dashes Hopes For An iPhone App

For those of you hoping that Weebly (a blog/website service similar to Squarespace) would be releasing an iPhone app soon, you’ll be dissappointed that the company has no immediate plans to embrace iOS as recently revealed by a tweet.

@weebly Is it possible to post directly to Weebly web site from iphone? Is there an app like Blog press for Weebly (via @loisath)

@loisath Building a website is significantly more complicated than posting to a blog, so we don’t yet have a mobile app. Sorry for that!! (via @Weebly)

Note: Emphasis mine.

While an iPhone app would easily compliment Weebly’s mobile layout, the company surprisingly doesn’t see iOS as a priority despite the fact that rivals like Squarespace have heavily embraced Apple’s mobile OS.

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Although much smaller than rivals like, according to Weebly is receiving far more traffic than Squarespace (at least as far as unique visitors go), and actually showed signs of strong growth in 2010.

While Weebly’s isn’t entirely shooting down the idea of developing an iPhone app in the future (which is a good thing), hopefully the company will consider building one before Steve Jobs launches the next iPhone this summer.

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