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Weebly Makes Editing Blog Headers Fun Again

Weebly Makes Editing Blog Headers Fun Again

Weebly has launched a new feature that may make WordPress and Blogspot fans jealous for a change.

Simply dubbed “ImagePerfect,” Weebly’s built in tool gives users the power to edit header images without the need to use a photo editor program like Paint.NET or Picasa (from Google).

Editing an image isn’t easy — even basic things like resizing, cropping, rotating and aligning your image perfectly can be frustrating to get right. You talked, we listened, and we’re excited to release the next step in Weebly’s ongoing improvement: Weebly ImagePerfect.

When you mouse over the header image on your site, you will now see an “Edit Image” button. When you click on this button, we’ll open up the ImagePerfect interface. (Official Weebly Blog)

Thus far the ImagePerfect header editing suite is light years ahead of what WordPress and Blogger fans currently enjoy (as one can tell from the video below).

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Although both WordPress and Blogger do provide advance tools to help users edit images within posts and themes, when it comes to editing headers both platforms require users to utilize third party services (even for simply customizations like inserting a secondary image).

It will be interesting to see if Automattic and Google decide upgrade and Blogger, respectively, with an advance header editing feature in order to compete against an upcoming rival.

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  • I can’t find it on my weebly website. Each time I follow the instructions (to the letter) the Image Perfect icons do not appear. I have logged in and out several times and tried without any luck.

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