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What can making the frontpage of Reddit do for a new blog?

What can making the frontpage of Reddit do for a new blog?

Sites like Digg, Reddit, and Netscape are frequently discussed as potential sources of traffic for blogs – particularly with hot viral stories. And you can likely find many articles about submitting to Digg and making the frontpage.. but what about Reddit?

Well, over at LifeDev, they have some stats on how the frontpage of Reddit impacts a blog:

Well, it’€™s pretty obvious that the traffic from Reddit has done wonders for my readership, especially the feed readership. Apparently Reddit users aren’€™t interested in ads, but will click and buy a recommended book. Because the Reddit crowd is techy and informed, they probably have a little banner blindness. That’€™s ok. Feed readership is most important to any blog that’€™s just starting. And mine certainly skyrocketed from a single front page posting at Reddit.

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Not as much of an impact as a Digg hit would cause, but clearly a nice source of traffic for LifeDev…

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  • The “Reddit Effect” is somewhat short-lived, apparently. He peaked at 350 readers on the RSS but is now back down to around 92. Not bad considering his entire website has 5 posts.

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